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Services for Oil and Gas Asset Holders

How can we help you ?

Who benefits from our services


Zebra Data Sciences operates in the hydrocarbon asset deal arena. Our primary activities involve:

Farm-outs and Asset Sales
If you are looking for a buyer or partner for your oil & gas project, our services include:

  • Preparation of Introductory Flyers and IMs
  • Comprehensive project marketing
  • Secure online and physical geotechnical data rooms

Licencing Rounds
We will prepare your project and showcase it to a global audience for maximum interest and greater participation. Our services include:

  • Document, G&G data retrieval and re-conditioning
  • Data Package preparation
  • Secure online showcasing and review facilities for documentary and geotechnical data
  • Project promotion literature and global marketing



Many different entities who are involved in the above activities can benefit from Zebra Data’s comprehensive yet focussed range of integrated services:


  • Prepare project package (commercial, legal and technical)
  • Increase the number of potential investors through comprehensive targeted marketing
  • Save time and expense through offering a Virtual Data Room prior to any physical meetings
  • Include real seismic and well log data - showcase the essence of your project
  • Monitor access to VDR to identify companies with serious interest
  • Shorten the sales cycle by allowing simultaneous Web VDR access to multiple companies
  • Data protection through secure servers controlling data viewing and download
  • Option to provide G&G interpretation software as part of the Remote Workstation VDR service
  • Globally showcase export-restricted data


  • Maximize number of potential buyers for an asset
  • Help to focus on investors with a serious interest
  • Leverage our expertise in the industry
  • Let us take care of complex data showcasing
  • Use the flexibility of our global IT infrastructure


  • Subscribe to be notified of new investment opportunities in regions of interest at no cost
  • Receive free periodic Newsletters with opportunity updates
  • Ability to review an asset without having to leave the office
  • Review period not restricted by physical data room availability
  • Tools to review technical data (seismic and well logs) along with documents and reports
  • Access Web VDR through standard web browser without the need to install any software
  • Enhance the due diligence process


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Zebra Data Sciences Ltd.

Zebra Data Sciences is a privately owned company staffed and operated by its shareholders, each with 30+ years of oil industry experience. The multi-discipline team have wide ranging knowledge across geology, deal management, seismic acquisition, data processing, interpretation, well log digitising, seismic vectorising, data and document management and bespoke software development.

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