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Zebra Data Sciences started life in 2003 by providing a specialised secure online technical data-showcasing service for Oil and Gas farm-out projects using its proprietary WebDataView™ technology. The service was called EzDataRoom® and did “exactly what it said on the tin”. Today, the EzDataRoom suite of showcasing services provides a host of advanced ways to make your valuable collection of data, both documentary and geotechnical, work most effectively towards achieving your objectives. When paired with our HydrocarbonAssets™ (HCA) marketing services, EzDataRoom provides the most comprehensive toolset working for your project’s success which is why it has become an industry byword for effective deal facilitation. 

EzDataRoom is a package designed to make your data “show itself off” to potential buyers, partners or investors in the best possible way consistent with maintaining its confidentiality and its proprietary nature.

Easy to present and easy to view and all within a highly secure environment that protects your intellectual property, EzDataRoom is the ideal tool for comprehensive project reviews and analysis of geotechnical data. For any size of company and marketing strategy, EzDataRoom delivers the service and customer care you want for your project. The convenience, efficiency and power of EzDataRoom has been recognised by many oil companies and is the most widely used online data room service in the oil and gas industry.

Now sporting state-of-the-art, three-dimensional GeoReality subsurface models, EzDataRoom Web VDRs allow your data to be accessed - and understood - by many more people than just geologists and geophysicists by presenting your data in its real layout. The models are viewable on a standard computer/tablet/phone screen or immersive Virtual Reality headset or glasses - the users become explorers!

All divestments, farm-outs and licencing rounds form a specific process. The EzDataRoom suite offers the best showcasing facility for every stage:

  • EzDataRoom® Web quickly, easily and cost-effectively puts your G&G project into a website for secure review by authorised users worldwide using just a Web Browser
  • Secure, state-of-the-art software tailored for the needs of upstream Oil and Gas transactions
  • NO DATA needs to leave our secure servers or be handed to the users and NO SOFTWARE is required on the users computer
  • Custom designed features based on requirements specified by hundreds of oil and service companies over the last 10 years
  • Data for showcasing can by and large be in its original format - no major loading or reformatting required
  • Non-disruptive: Usable in corporate, firewalled environments
  • The data is accessible as classic, flat documents AND can reside in a three-dimensional GeoReality model viewable using the latest technology
  • Analyse the level of interest using the EzDataRoom statistics package
  • Manage complex Question and Answer traffic with our dedicated web portal
  • EzDataRoom® Remote provides remote access to your workstation project(s) for study and seismic re-interpretation
  • Construct, deploy and manage EzDataRoom® Physical Data Rooms, integrated with our other technical services, to complete the showcasing process
  • Integrate the Farm-out or divestment process with our complementary HydrocarbonAssets marketing services

Our Web Geotechnical VDR and Remote Workstation VDR technology allows restricted data to be reviewed from anywhere in the world without exporting data. We can set up servers and run the project from the restricted area. This is a process ZDS has carried out many times and would involve a member of our staff travelling to a secure location of your choice and setting up a server/backup. We would then process the data onsite and perform resiliency testing to ensure maximum efficiency. 

A VDR is NOT a replacement for a Physical Data Room (PDR) but it does allow interested parties (post CA) to study your project in greater detail and it prepares interested parties for a visit to your PDR and meaningful technical and commercial discussions. Both our VDRs and PDRs are secure with every aspect of activity controlled and audited.



Showcasing Services

Web / Remote / Physical Platform Comparison



EzDataRoom® Web, powered by our WebDataView software and a team who care about your success, provides fast, secure online data rooms to accommodate everything needed to present a well-structured and comprehensive geotechnical project for divestment. EzDataRoom enhances any project marketing strategy whether private and confidential or promoted.

Projects requiring promotion can, in addition, take full advantage of our promotional services such as our HydrocarbonAssets Project or Data Listing websites.Our Private Data Rooms offer secure, discreet access to your project by your invited parties and are highly successful when combined with an in-house presentation and are a valuable addition to bank and broker services. 

EzDataRoom Web offers not only multiple and simultaneous user access for team analysis but also online web–conferencing facilities for hosting detailed project discussions.

Available to view 24/7 our online EzDataRoom Web services maximise the convenience of both presenting and viewing a project. The features of our services reduce the need for time consuming and expensive travel, encourage and facilitate project interest to generate those all-important deal-making meetings.

EzDataRoom Web VDRs showcase Documents and Images 
alongside Seismic and Well Log data

We can set the folders in your Web VDR for View only, View and Print (only the page being viewed can be printed) or Download. You should be generous in allowing file downloads of non-confidential documents but set the security for proprietary confidential information to be more restrictive.

Our Web VDR’s come with a detailed usage statistics package which you can access directly from your Web Browser. Information about what files your potential investors or partners accessed (when and for how long) provide extremely useful “intelligence” for you about the true level of interest in your project. With an EzDataRoom Web VDR, users arrive at your door with a lot of knowledge about your project and with you knowing a whole lot about their real interest.

We also provide an optional Question and Answer portal specially designed for G&G acquisition and divestment projects. This integrates directly with our Web VDR system but can also be used alongside the other types of Data Rooms described below. Managing questions from potential partners or investors is often a major headache which can be greatly alleviated with the use of our Q&A system that can be tailored to your needs.


Our unique EzDataRoom® Web VDR technology, tested and approved by major oil companies, not only permits authorised parties to view your legal, commercial and technical documents but also complex SGY 2D/3D seismic data and LAS/LIS well logs which are viewable at the client’s convenience and without the need for special software or ‘plug-ins’.

View 2D or 3D Seismic data interactively with just a web browser
using EzDataoom Web

The inclusion of real 2D/3D seismic with overlaid interpretation and the inclusion of well log data, all of which can be manipulated in real time, provides a greatly enhanced understanding of any project. The user can browse through real showcased data, not just look at cherry-picked images.

Browse a real LAS file in a Web Geotechnical VDR

SEGY and LAS data are the cornerstones of our industry and potential investors like to have a preview of the data coverage, data quality and of your interpretation. They cannot re-interpret the data in a Web Geotechnical VDR (for that, they can use our Remote Workstation VDR) but they can get a good feeling for the work you have done to de-risk a project.

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Prior to some companies visiting a Physical Data Room (PDR), after they have left a PDR, or if they are not able to travel to a PDR, potential partners or investors can use our EzDataRoom® Remote Workstation Virtual Data Room service to study, interpret or work on certain aspects of G&G. This facility bridges the gap between a Web VDR and a Physical Data Room.

A Remote Workstation VDR provides secure remote access to a Petrel or Kingdom project where nominated companies can study and interpret the seismic without downloading any data. The interpretation can be saved and you will have access to this. The interpretation can also be provided to the client after approval by you.

One of the features of our Remote Workstation VDR is a shared desktop remote “show and tell” feature in which a specialist adviser can work in real-time with the VDR user sharing the same screen. Both you and the user are able to manipulate the full workstation features while having a conversation on the telephone (or over VOIP). This enables the data (workstation), the user and the “show-and-tell” expert to be at different locations anywhere in the world.

Benefits of the EzDataRoom Remote VDR service include:

  • Kingdom or Petrel software version tailored to your project
  • Consultancy available
  • High spec hardware placed at a secure data centre with high speed internet access (please note that we always provide a backup system)
  • Project maintenance
  • Allows potential investors time to securely review your G&G project
  • Secure 24/7/365 remote access to a Kingdom or Petrel workstation project
  • No files are downloaded during review period
  • Complements a Web VDR
  • Use with our Question and Answer web portal customised to your needs
  • Encourages greater confidence in your deal through analysis of your G&G
  • Satisfies the curiosity and needs of potential investors BEFORE and AFTER a Physical Data Room visit
  • Ensures a level playing field for all


Along with our Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) we also offer EzDataRoom® Physical Data Room (PDR) services that have the added benefit of enabling the users to facilitate interpretive software such as Kingdom, Petrel and DUG, which not all companies will have. 

With the global diversification of oil companies, persuading busy executives to even visit a PDR can be the ‘make or break’ for a deal. Projects can be anywhere globally but PDRs should be organised for maximum convenience for interested parties. We can set up and host EzDataRoom PDRs in our UK offices or anywhere in the world as requested by our client.

  • The location of a PDR can be anywhere in the world - staffed by trained specialists
  • Set-up of PC and Workstation Hardware
  • Lock down of PC to ensure no files are removed without authority
  • Load geotechnical project to workstation and refresh for each visitor
  • Project a professional image of the selling company
  • Conduct the project review applying the same rules for all companies
  • Detailed reporting and feedback
  • Complements a Web and/or Remote Workstation Virtual Data Room
  • Integrated with other HydrocarbonAssets and EzDataRoom services
  • Liaise with company about questions and answers
  • Use with our Question and Answer web portal customised to your needs

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