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Discover GeoReality with EzDataRoom® Web

GeoReality brings a dramatic new evolution to the geotechnical data visualization features of our renowned EzDataRoom Web Virtual Data Rooms. Your subsurface data can now be securely viewed and experienced in a true three-dimensional situational display over the Web. This will bring unprecedented visualization capabilities in EzDataRoom to you, other members and departments of your company, your partners and potential investors.


See the true view
GeoReality Perspective

Walk among the lines GeoReality Immersive

See it where it lies
GeoReality In-Place

With our 3D subsurface model users have the ability to visualize 2D and 3D seismic data, interpretation horizons and well bores in their true relative perspective and to move their point of view to any location within the model, selecting objects and learning about them or placing them “out of the way” to focus on an area of interest.

All GeoRealityTM subsurface models are navigable in true Virtual Reality allowing an observer to immerse into the subsurface structures described by seismic data, horizon grids and well bore tracks in a manner few will have ever experienced and which gives the convincing perception only stereoscopic vision provides.

The subsurface model that is carried by an EzDataRoom® Web VDR can be visualized in its real location using a tablet or Augmented Reality glasses. Imagine looking over the side of an offshore oil platform or from the derrick of a land rig and actually seeing the well bores, seismic lines and interpreted horizons where they really exist!




Showcasing your subsurface structures in a powerful, interactive and human-friendly way
to any interested and authorized party for the purpose of, e.g.:

·       Investor attraction     

·       Asset divestments

·       Farm-outs

·       Regional Data Repositories

·      Licencing Rounds

·       Internal knowledge dissemination

·       Induction and training

·       Volumetric studies

·       Investment assessment

·       Due diligence

·       Microseismic fracking analysis

·       Survey planning and modelling

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Zebra Data Sciences is a privately owned company staffed and operated by its shareholders, each with 30+ years of oil industry experience. The multi-discipline team have wide ranging knowledge across geology, deal management, seismic acquisition, data processing, interpretation, well log digitising, seismic vectorising, data and document management and bespoke software development.

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