What do we do?
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What do we do?

Our Deliverables


Zebra Data Sciences is focussed on providing a professional, tailored service with the sole purpose of satisfying our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Your success is our success!

Our deliverables can be expressed in three groups: Deal Facilitation, Data Management and Consultancy.



Our specialist Deal Facilitation services combine seamlessly to provide a powerful solution enabling the preparation, deployment and eventual successful conclusion of your deal.

Zebra Data’s Deal Facilitation Services are split into two groups: Marketing and Technical. Each is focused on one aspect of making your project most effective and your deal most likely to succeed, yet the two are designed to interact for the purpose of optimum effect. For example, feedback from the market about how your project is being received is one of the most valued features of our services, according to our customers. Such feedback is obtained both from our targeted telemarketing and from usage statistics from a virtual data room


HydrocarbonAssets™ (HCA) - The Marketing Services

We are exquisitely positioned in the market at the crossroads of all the activity surrounding Oil and Gas farm-outs, asset trades, mergers and acquisitions - so we have over our 10 years of experience naturally matured to be a very cost-effective matchmaker of deal partners in this field.

Our prime tool in this endeavour is a database of thousands of active, key decision makers who have subscribed to be informed of appropriate opportunities.

We achieve this in natural synergy with our EzDataRoom technical branch by offering:

  • A “free to view” Project Listing website at www.hydrocarbonassets.com
  • Preparation of marketing literature – flyers and information memoranda
  • Project Promotion at significant conferences and shows worldwide and through targeted telesales
  • A free “New Opportunities” alert programme

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EzDataRoom™ - The G&G and IT Technical / Showcasing Services

Few in the circles of upstream Oil and Gas deals will not have encountered EzDataRoom which is a by-word for innovation, effectiveness and value for money.

We understand IT and we understand G&G. We have built our business on our unique, innovative platform to deliver the facility for all the necessary types of data to be retrieved, conditioned, classified, catalogued and showcased securely and easily. Every stage of a deal’s lifespan is catered for:

  • Web Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) – used for initial project evaluation and screening, a Web VDR makes your entire data set (documents, images, 2D/3D seismic with interpretation, well logs) securely reviewable by authorised users on a simple Web platform without the requirement to give any data away. A “data conferencing” facility is available for your visitors to be shown around the VDR by a person knowledgeable on the project.
  • Remote Workstation Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) – a facility for your full workstation project to be remotely accessible to authorised users for study including the possibility of seismic re-interpretation. A “shared desktop remote show-and-tell” facility is also available for your users to be led through the essence of your project by an expert.
  • Physical Data Rooms (PDRs) – whether in your office, our office or a third-party location we can build, maintain and run physical data rooms using highly secure standards and procedures. Furthermore, such deployments can be fully integrated with a parallel VDR ensuring that visitors to your PDR will arrive with good knowledge of your project and are able to maintain their evaluation work after they have left.

A crucial feature of all the above EzDataRoom technical and showcasing services is that any of them can be deployed worldwide in any chosen location thereby allowing for the compliance with data export restrictions.

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Is your G&G data, which you have spent a fortune on recording and processing, locked away and inaccessible to most of your or your partners’ staff? Do you find organising and then accessing your valuable data in a logical and efficient manner difficult or even impossible?

Zebra Data’s GeoDataMan could be the solution for you if you are looking for a straightforward G&G data management package.
GeoDataMan is a modular enterprise web content and document management platform designed for use with document, image, well log and seismic data and includes the following features:

  • Web-based
  • Simple loading, cataloguing and indexing of data
  • Advanced search facilities
  • Aware of G&G data file formats, such as LAS and SEGY
  • Ability for administrative users to set up “virtual data rooms”
  • Integrated interactive basemap
  • Handles EPSG-compatible coordinate systems
  • Secure user and rights management
  • Online viewing of documents, images, well logs and 2D/3D seismic with interpretation (as in EzDataRoom VDRs)
  • G&G data loading toolkit
  • Fully scalable


Additionally, GeoDataMan is:

  • Deployable on your IT infrastructure or in the Cloud
  • Expandable – GeoDataMan can run on one server or ten, depending on your growing requirements
  • Compatible – based on ubiquitous web-standards and packages yet tailored to the needs of G&G data owners

GeoDataMan is offered on a “Software + Service” basis whereby our expert consultants will work with you to the extent needed to ensure that your data management objectives are fully met.



Our specialist team of consultants can offer the following services standalone or in association with our Deal Facilitation and/or Data management:

  • Data Transcription and Conditioning
  • Scanning & Vectorising
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Geotechnical and Petrotechnical presentations
  • Well Log Analysis
  • Project Preparation
  • Specialist Consultative Services and support
  • Project Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Show and Tell (local or remote)


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Zebra Data Sciences Ltd.

Zebra Data Sciences is a privately owned company staffed and operated by its shareholders, each with 30+ years of oil industry experience. The multi-discipline team have wide ranging knowledge across geology, deal management, seismic acquisition, data processing, interpretation, well log digitising, seismic vectorising, data and document management and bespoke software development.

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